• Phil Romero

    Philip Romero


    Book Nerd

    “What could go wrong? Let’s give it a try!”

    Architect of Chaos

    Combining 30 years in the real estate, mortgage and escrow business with the strong desire to be a guitarist in a 1980’s glam rock band has led to some interesting creations. Romero is committed to innovation and the goal of streamlining and improving the systems of home ownership.
  • David Romero

    David Romero

    Chief Executive Officer

    Political Junkie

    Music Fan (attends 75+ shows a year)


    Passionately committed to helping real estate agents achieve their goals, while helping as many people as possible achieve the American Dream of home ownership. Fun fact: He once saw Shaq drinking a shake at Shake Shack.
  • Layne Rackley

    Layne Rackley

    Chief Financial Officer

    Numbers Guy

    World Traveler

    Named “CFO of the Year ’14” by
    San Diego Business Journal

    Layne began his career in public accounting and worked his path through banking, the entertainment industry and multi-national consulting before joining the C21 Award team in 2002. Originally hired to develop systems and grow the company, he has driven expansion and compression – enjoying the best and surviving the worst of the economic cycles! Layne also uses his leadership skills in the community and works to improve human rights.
  • Sara Jackson

    Sara Jackson

    Chief Operating Officer

    Devoted Mother of the 3 Best People She Knows! (2 Mastiffs)

    Major Beatles Fan

    Former Athlete/ Rough Tough Cream Puff

    Sara is passionate about helping and supporting our agents. With empathetic and caring vibes, Sara will quickly get to know any individual on a personal level. She loves art, music and films. Favorite drama, Gladiator. Favorite comedy, Wedding Crashers. Admired Beatles lyric “Some kind of solitude is measured out in you. You think you know me, but you haven’t got a clue.”
  • Dina Brannan

    Dina Brannan

    Vice President of Operations

    Southwest Vibes, West Coast Hustle

    “The dream is free, the hustle is sold separately”

    Proud Mom

    The eighth of nine children, she grew up learning several skills many don’t acquire until they are nudged from the nest: compromise, strength, collaboration, communication and how to be first in line. A Celtics fan, she draws inspiration from legendary player Larry Bird: “Push yourself again and again. Don’t give an inch until the final buzzer sounds.”
  • Steve Ploetz

    Steve Ploetz

    Director of Strategic Growth

    Glory Days Advocate

    Wears a “Don’t worry be happy” Medallion

    Competitive Harmonizer

    Steve Ploetz has a long list of accolades beginning with garnering the title “Most Likely to be President” in elementary school to being voted Prom King in high school. Considering himself a fun-loving, joyful person with average skills in the classroom, Steve found real estate to be a great fit. He encourages our agents to become the best they can be and coaches them to take control of their business and their lives.
  • Angela Avilez

    Angela Avilez

    Executive Regional Manager

    Fear of Water & Cats

    Fearless Realtor

    “La Raza”

    The mother of two and her husband David are not only life partners , but a real estate team as well. A proud Latina, Angela’s equally as proud of involvement in local community associations, and the mentoring and development of other passionate real estate agents. Being named Homecoming Queen in high school, she poises herself with beauty, strength, and determination.
  • Thad Clendenen

    Thad Clendenen

    Regional Branch Manager

    California Native

    US Marine Corp Vet


    Thad was raised in California's Central Valley on a cattle ranch and has changed from cowboy boots to wingtips as regional branch manager. Enjoying the "people part" of the business, he has actively sold real estate since 2006 and now focuses on the relational component of business development in the industry since joining the management team.
  • Nannette Mance

    Nannette Mance

    Director of Relocation

    Self-proclaimed Desert Rat

    Fearless of Power Tools

    Outdoorsy Sophisticate

    Instead of playing house, Nannette wanted to sell a house, as she was introduced to the real estate business at a young age by her broker dad, a former Navy man. Over the years she continued to pursue and learn all the aspects of real estate to ensure she was not only well rounded, but also vastly knowledgeable within the industry.