Quick Tips to Boost Your Open House

It's time to shake off that open house rust! Many of us have become accustomed to the virtual phase our industry transitioned to due to the pandemic, but now it's time to switch up things again. If it's been a while since you hosted an open house and only remembered the basics, you're in luck. Stick around to learn additional tips our CENTURY 21 Award agents implement at their open houses.

Always Bring A Speaker
Music can have a significant impact on the vibe at your open house. It can improve the mood of your guests and even help them grow an attachment to the property. For example, playing upbeat music may leave them with joyful thoughts while touring the home. They may envision what it's like to live there, which ultimately helps you. Good music makes your guests more comfortable interacting and asking questions, which benefits you.

However, the wrong music choices can set you and your open house up for failure. Remember, your guests may not have the same music taste as you, so be careful with playing songs that you strictly love. Try to keep it neutral, and if possible, it's best to avoid lyrics, especially those with curse words. You'd hate for an artist's words played at your open house to be the reason why those guests feel uncomfortable and leave early.

Understand the Amenities of the HOA
Show your guests that you are knowledgeable, resourceful, and fully understand this property's HOA. You'll be surprised to see how precise some of the questions you may get. Without a doubt, expect something to be HOA-related. And let's be honest here, wouldn't you want to understand what those HOA fees pay?

Partner With A Buyer's Agent
Why should you partner with a Buyer's Agent? It's another resource for your attendees to talk to if you are with another guest. Plus, it's an opportunity to pitch local listings in the area in case the current property isn't their style. Are they not a fan of this home? No problem, send them off with your partner to show them a more suitable option! Make it clear between you two ahead of time and understand how this partnership will work. Utilize the resources your brokerage has and find an agent within your company. Maybe ask your Broker or Manager for appropriate options.

Bring Refreshments
Potential buyers may be traveling far to see your open house, so hosting refreshments is always a nice touch. Refreshments include soft drinks, water, cookies, sandwiches, etc. Be strategic with what refreshments you provide your guests because, believe it or not; the smell could alter an attendee's experience. Bakery items like cupcakes, croissants, or cookies always have a delightful aroma and can make the home feel more welcoming.

Understand the Surrounding Area
Always do your due diligence on the surrounding area of your open house. Potential buyers would like to know what's nearby, so having those answers for them will help you build trust. These include parks, restaurants, stores, schools, venues, etc. It's also a discussion you can initiate with your guests, further boosting your credibility.

If you have an upcoming open house, implement these quick tips we shared today. If you liked what you read, check out more of our articles HERE.

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