Key Benefits of the CENTURY 21 Award and CENTURY 21 Affiliated Partnership

The word is out! CENTURY 21 Award and CENTURY 21 Affiliated have partnered together to form the #1 CENTURY 21 Franchise in the world. These two dynamic brokerages now combine their presence to a total of 5 states, 80+ offices, 1,700+ agents, and 3 time zones. With this new powerhouse brokerage in the industry, many have wondered what does this mean for their agents? Let’s highlight the key benefits:
Additional Tools
When joining any brokerage in today’s market, productivity tools matter. Now with this new partnership, both Award and Affiliated Agents are to reap the benefits of the many tools both brokerages have to offer. Some of which include a modern agent website, productive CRM software, customized presentations, listing analytics, marketing portal, and so much more!

Increased Stability
In shifting markets, having a brokerage and brand that is reliable and backed by a strong leadership team will make all the difference. With this partnership, agents are assured that they can depend on their company in tough markets.​
Quote by David Romero, President & CEO of CENTURY 21 Award

More Resources
This is crucial and allows agents to have access to more professional staff and departments to help their business. Some of these resources include a full-service relocation department, an exclusive coaching program with Jared James, a new marketing partnership, in-house legal attorney, compliance department, and more! Ancillary services like escrow, mortgage, and title are part of this new addition of resources.

Studio A
CENTURY 21 Award and CENTURY 21 Affiliated understand the role marketing plays in an agent’s business and that’s why they partnered with Studio A. Studio A is a full-service marketing team that focuses on the agents experience in every and all interactions. Their services include lifestyle photography, video production, custom branding, graphic design, training, and social media strategy. Let’s not forget about their studio located in San Diego for content creation!

Strategic Growth 
CENTURY 21 Award and CENTURY 21 Affiliated are no strangers to company growth. This new partnership has made both brokerages quite the powerhouse, putting them amongst the Top 25 Real Estate Brokerages in the United States. Agents can expect to see this strategic move positively impact their business soon.​

Elevated Training
One of the immediate benefits that agents will receive is more training. Both Award and Affiliated have top training resources that have contributed immensely to their agent’s success. Whether they’re newly licensed or been around for twenty plus years, there’s always opportunity to learn more.​

The #1 CENTURY 21 Franchise in the World 
Having the power of the iconic CENTURY 21 brand already gives agents an advantage over their competitors. However, being a part of the #1 company in the entire CENTURY 21 Franchise provides stability and credibility. A brokerage this size has the brand awareness in their markets and the track record to prove it. 

Additional tools, increased stability, more resources, Studio A, strategic growth, elevated training, and the #1 CENTURY 21 Franchise in the world. The benefits of this partnership will continue to grow as the leadership team strategize to create more opportunities for their agents and clients. As of now, agents under this new partnership can proudly say that they are amongst the Top 25 Real Estate Brokerages in the United States.

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