CENTURY 21 Award Agent Dushaun Fairley Represents Buyer of Escondido 'Hobbit House'

Outside of Escondido, California, lies a unique desert estate nicknamed, the “Hobbit House”. Besides its whimsical exterior, the home also has historical and cultural value being designed by San Diego Artist, James Hubbell. Hubbell is known for his peculiar creations that are often reminiscent of the Hobbit houses from the movie franchise, Lord of the Rings.
After two decades of being owned by artist Gale Pruitt, the home was recently sold in June for $1.145 million. CENTURY Award Agent, Dushaun Fairley represented the buyer and shared with us his experience with securing this historic home for his client.
Why did your buyer want this home?
My client, Paul, knew of both James Hubbell and Gale Pruitt as artists. He was a fan of both of their work and knew his niece would love the stained glass and design of the home.
For your client to purchase this home, what had to be done?
Paul grew up in Encinitas and lived next to his childhood home that his father had built. He told me “If I can get that Hubbell house, I would sell my Encinitas home”. So we staged Paul’s home right away, took photos, and had it listed that following Saturday. We were in escrow by Tuesday. The home sold for $2.265 Million.
Wow, that was fast! So you listed the home before talking to the listing agent of the Hubbell house?
Before putting Paul’s home on the market, I contacted the listing agent and filled them in on our situation. I told them Paul was familiar with both James and Gale and that he was a fan of their work. I sent in a full-price cash offer contingent on the sale of Paul’s home. The listing agent went back to the seller’s and then followed up with me accepting our offer.
How did you meet your client, Paul?
Paul was referred to me by a mutual friend. The next day, Paul calls me and runs the scenario by me on what his options are. I asked him if I can come out and personally meet with him the following afternoon. He said yes and I then hit up the Studio A Marketing department for a customized listing presentation. They rushed it through for me and got me it in time for my appointment. I brought my presentation to the appointment and secured the listing. Shoutout to Diana and Kevin from Studio A!
That’s what Studio A is there for, glad they were able to help you out! Overall, would you say you had a good experience with this transaction?
Oh yeah, Paul reinstilled my faith in humanity, he is the nicest man. He was great when it came to purchasing the Hubbell home and selling his Encinitas home. In a time where sellers are maximizing their equity positions, Paul wanted buyers that would take care of his house. He was never concerned about the money.
That’s amazing to hear and seems rare especially in today’s market. If you could advise any agents reading this, what would it be?
Relationships, networks, and spheres of influence are so crucial to the success of your business. They’re the ones that will introduce you to your next million-dollar listing.
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