The Best Father's Day Gifts For The House

Picture this, it’s Father’s Day morning and you got dad the perfect gift. He open’s it and is ecstatic because it is the very thing he wanted for his house. The smile on dad’s face lights up the room and you feel pretty good about yourself knowing you contributed to that. So, why did you choose a house gift? The answer is simple, it’s thoughtful and unlike traditional gifts such as cologne or liquor, it will likely last longer.
Curious about what exact house gift to get dad this Father’s Day? Take a look at our recommended list below!
Does dad have a favorite spot in the house? Is that favorite spot getting a little worn out? If so, consider getting him a new chair to sleep, relax, or watch TV! You can never go wrong with adding additional seating to the house especially if it’s one with style.
Bar Tools
Now, who doesn’t love a good cocktail? We know dad does, but the only problem is that he’s lacking the proper tools to make some of his favorites. Investing in bar tools like a peg measure, bottle opener, strainer, and corkscrew will allow dad to make his favorite drink, and if you’re lucky maybe he will make you one too!
Bar Cart
If dad already has a bar at home, then consider adding a bar cart to complement it. A bar cart allows dad to make his drinks in any room in the house because it’s portable. At the very least, it’s going to be an eye-catching piece for his future guests.
Is dad a handyman? Then a toolbox will be right up his alley! If dad enjoys fixing things around the house, he will need a place to properly secure his tools. Nothing is worse than when something is broken, and the tools can’t be found. A proper toolbox allows dad to organize his tools so he’s always ready for future jobs!
Cigar Box
A nice way to unwind is an old-fashioned cigar. If that’s something dad enjoys, then consider a cigar box. It’s a luxurious piece for the house but it’s also going to get a lot of miles out of it. Depending on what cigar box you find, you’ll see that they can store anywhere from ten to one hundred cigars! This means dad can stock up anytime he wants to without worrying about running out of room.

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