5 Reasons Why It’s A Great Time to Sell Your Home

Featuring CENTURY 21 Award Agent, Steve Ploetz

Like you, many homeowners across the state and country are contemplating on whether or not they should sell right now. The COVID-19 era has caused plenty of uncertainty so it’s understandable if you have questions. Luckily, we brought in Top Producer, Steve Ploetz from our Carlsbad office to provide his 5 reasons on why it’s a great time to sell. This year alone, Steve and his team have closed over $25,000,000 in sales volume and regardless of the pandemic, there seems to be no signs of slowing down.

With that being said, let’s hear from Steve Ploetz and why it’s a great time to sell!

The Obvious: Prices are high. With so little inventory prices are rising at a quicker rate than usual due to all of the demand. Whether looking to sell your primary residence and have up to $500,000 in gains tax free (as a married person, $250k as a single person) or looking to sell a rental property, the most obvious reason to do it right now is because prices are high.

The Uncertainty: Everyone knows it's a Seller's market right now. But how long will it last? Nobody, literally nobody, can predict what this looks like in 4 weeks let alone 4 months. The stock market is extremely volatile. Land and commercial are getting beat up. And yet residential has continued to increase at an accelerating pace. This can't sustain forever and now is the time to cash out when the market is strong. The last cycle took 10 years to get back. Do you want to go through another cycle?

"Sheltering-in Place" Has Changed Our Outlook: Now is the time to begin thinking long term and figure out where you want to live and what you want to do for an extended period of time. Researchers pre-COVID were already commenting about how the average time the typical homeowner was staying in their home had increased. With COVID I predict homeowners will be forced to stay in place even longer. What do you want? Do you have a family and really need a house with an office and not just a dining room that doubles as your place for Zoom calls? Where do you want to live? Looking to be more coastal or in a better neighborhood or on a cul-de-sac or with a view? Now is the time to get where you want to be.

Absurd Interest Rates: Most buyers are in the 2% range for their new loans (depending on buyer qualifications, loan size, etc). Money is on sale and it stimulates every part of the market. For your sale it means that buyers that previously couldn't qualify for your home are now eligible. It means that on the purchase of your replacement property you now qualify for more than you did previously.

Market Timing: The Southern California market isn't as influenced as much as other parts of the country by the seasons. But it is still impacted. As we enter the end of summer, family's priorities tend to shift away from the disruption of a move and focus on school and circling the wagons. But there still is time! Speak with a CENTURY 21 Award agent today and build a plan.

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