Interview with President & CEO, David Romero

We are about half way through the first quarter of 2019 and a lot has occurred already. Since so much has happened so fast and early, I sat and talked with David Romero, President & CEO of CENTURY 21 Award. We talked about what’s happening in real estate for 2019 and what CENTURY 21 Award has planned to help our agents. 

David Romero

What have we seen so far in 2019?

Interest rates are at the lowest level that they have been in over a year. The urgency that got created at the beginning of the year are the buyers that missed out on low interest rates. They are acting because they feel like they have one more shot. I thought we would be seeing a lot from the first-time millennial buyers, but they are nowhere to be found.

The lesson here is that we can’t make year long predictions. These can only be month to month because of how fast everything moves. The agents who are the nimblest, who can adjust their plan the quickest will have the biggest success.

What have we seen from sellers in 2019?

The urgency we have seen from sellers is that they are rushing to get their homes on the market before everyone else who lists in spring. If the prices do end up falling, sellers are trying to maximize what they can get for their homes right now. The big group that we saw show up are the move-up buyers, the people who are selling their home to move into a more expensive one. This is a great opportunity for them.

David Romero and CENTURY 21 Award Agent, Ed O’Connor

How important is marketing for 2019?

Buyers and sellers will be looking for trust in 2019. They want to find an agent and a brand they can trust. Experience and professionalism matter in this market. Staying active on social media and following up with clients will be crucial. We already have a trusted brand, but they need to be able to trust you as an agent as well. If you stay active and informative through social media, you are establishing credibility and trust. It will take agent skills in order to deliver for their buyers and sellers. The best agents are positioned to help the most people.

How are we helping our agents in 2019?

We have begun a company initiative as a follow up to our Best Year Yet program. Weekly action groups have been taken place at all our branches. With these action groups we can support our agents and ensure that they do the things that will guarantee them success in 2019. With the new Studio A Marketing Portal, we can deliver quick and accessible marketing tools. Tools that our agents can use for digital and print. We also have continued our T100 program. The T100 is where we bring our Top 100 producing agents from 2018 and collaborate amongst each other. Every quarter we meet and hold a mastermind session to help them improve their business even further.

Anything else you would like to add?

We will continue to support our agents with training, coaching, and marketing support while leveraging our brand, the most recognized brand in all of real estate!

Hope you enjoyed our first blog of many! We look forward to publishing more blogs and content for you all to use!

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