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Kathleen Vigh
San Diego
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Kathleen Vigh
San Diego


P: 858-344-7907
DRE # 01065386

7676 Hazard Center Drive, #200
San Diego, CA 92108


About Kathleen

Mission Statement

My goal is to offer the utmost service and integrity to my clients when they buy or sell a home so that their real estate experience can be as easy and stress free as possible.  If you are selling your home, I create a tailored marketing plan for you and provide state-of-the-art marketing tools which will get your home SOLD for top dollar.  Communication with clients is the key to a positive and stress free transaction. 
If you are looking for a new residence, I am very familiar with San Diego neighborhoods and can assure you I can find a home that will meet your requirements. I pride myself in gathering all of the information about the kind of home and neighborhood you desire so I only show homes that are real candidates for you to consider. 

I have helped many out-of-town buyers and first-time buyers find homes throughout San Diego county and enjoy giving the extra attention these kinds of buyers deserve.  I also have worked with many veteran clients buy and sell their homes.

Whether you are selling or buying a home, my goal is to ensure client satisfaction and build life long relationships with my customers so that they will always think of me whenever they have any real estate needs.


On a scale of one to five I give Kathie Vigh a TEN.  Another agent from different company picked out by a friend had sold my North Park condo and I didn't consider that the greatest experience I ever had. My cousin who is a realtor in Connecticut offered to do some research and find someone else great for me to work with in finding my replacement property. She heard great things about Kathie and strongly suggested I contact her.  It was a great, seamless experience. Kathie is extremely thorough. She took me to places within my price range and would give me a candid opinion on each place. She finally called me excited about one place on a list that looked great.  I was blown away. Not only was it in my price range but it had totally renovated. It was far better than any of the others I had seen. After viewing 6 other units I found my new home. But it wasn't over yet: after I decided to buy this property, she continued to look after my interests in great detail, making sure things that the seller needed to fix were completed.  Kathie is highly knowledgeable, supremely efficient and will give you a candid answer and analysis. I HIGHLY recommend Kathie Vigh and would use her again if I decide to sell my condo in Rancho Penasquitos - my favorite place I've ever owned - or buy another home. I have thanked my cousin in Connecticut COUNTLESS times for connecting me to Kathie Vigh.

Joe Gandleman - Buyer

My husband and I worked with Kathie to purchase our first home in Chula Vista. She is very knowledgeable regarding the Chula Vista areas, very friendly, endlessly patient (especially when it came to my picky husband) snf incredibly generous with her time. This realtor answered every question and explained every form and every part of the purchasing process clearly and thoroughly. I now realize that buying a home in this market is challenging and frustrating due to the bidding wars. We thought that once we found our house that was it. Nope, not the case. It was stressful because we kept losing out to buyers who were cash buyers.  Kathie didn't let us feel pity for ourselves. With her guidance and realistic expectations, we aggressively made our bids and finally got an offer accepted !  The price of the home was in our range and in a perfect location. Once we were in escrow it was smooth sailing from there. Kathie didn't stop there. Oh no, she gave us a list of contractors that we could use for our renovations once we moved into our home. The process of home buying was much more difficult than we had imagined, but a very satisfying and learning experience. Thank you Kathie for getting us through the toughest but most exciting chapter of our lives. We would most definitely recommend her!

Tara Dancy - USN - Buyer

I have known Kathie Vigh for over 10 years, and she is a responsive, knowledgeable realtor about current real estate rules/transactions and is knowledgeable about the San Diego areas she has shown me. Kathie practices integrity in all of her real estate transactions and interfaces professionally with all potential buyers and sellers. Kathie recently sold my home in Kensington and even though there were some unexpected challenges during this transaction, she was excellent at communicating with me throughout the entire transaction, and sold this property to my satisfaction. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home in San Diego county.

John Masar - Seller

Kathie Vigh with Century 21 Award was absolutely amazing and patient with my wife and I as we embarked on this journey to purchase a home in San Diego. Given the fact that we had recently moved to San Diego with no prior experience in the area, Kathie was knowledgeable and quickly identified our likes/dislikes ultimately leading us to a great home with space for the entire family. I am very pleased with her performance and would recommend her to anyone looking for a home in San Diego County.

Rollin George - Buyer

Kathie helped our family buy our first home and was very meticulous in meeting our home search criteria. Though my wife and I were very picky and somewhat unsure of where and what type of house we wanted to purchase, Kathie made the process easier by providing detailed information of the available homes in various search areas, as well as the home buying process. Kathie's dedication to helping our family buy our home was immeasurable. "FIVE STARS"!!

Greg Mitchell- Retired Navy - Buyer

Kathie Vigh is an extraordinary real estate agent thoroughly familiar with the VA loan process. We found her through the USAA bank referral program. The bank trusted her enough from past transactions. They suggested veteran members to use her service. She was aware of our goals and desires for a new home. An immense amount of time was dedicated to showing us properties, discussing the inspection process and reviewing closing requirements.  We felt very comfortable working with Kathie and would recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a property in the San Diego area. In this challenging market, she found us the best house we have lived in which includes a swimming pool , and the home was sold at the price we wanted!!

Johnny Thomas - Buyer

Kathie was purely professional from the start to the finish. I was introduced to Kathie and she went right to work. I found Kathie to be forthright, and a knowledgeable help to purchase my home as if she was buying it for herself. I would like to thank you Kathie for the services you provided as I was extremely satisfied with the results. If I plan to purchase or sell a home again, she would be my first choice.

Mario White - Buyer

I've been looking to buy a home ever since moving to San Diego in 2015. In the past , we experienced nothing but road blocks in finding the right home and finalizing the process, even missing out on a home we loved.  Kathie made the process very smooth and easy, made sure our counter offers went through without any issues, and allowed us to finaly purchase our first home.
David Carr - Buyer

Kathie, you have been a dream to work with. Thank you for all of your help amd advise. You are very competent in your job , and we are so lucky to have found you.

Trudy Sopp and Hayden Thomas -  Seller and Buyer 

Kathie competently handled both the selling and the purchasing of our new home at the same time. We really appreciated the fact that she kept us informed at all times about what was going on with both transactions.  This was a stressful time for us and we were thankful that we could contact her any time of the day. Thanks to Kathie's efficiency, both transactions took place in a timely manner, and we happily moved into our new home. We would strongly recommend Kathie to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.

R. and C. Wing - Seller and Buyer

Kathie helped my husband Erik and I to find our first condo. She was very patient with us showing us all of the areas in san Diego that we were interested in. In the end, we purchased in Mission Valley, and we love the area.  She gave us valuable advice and was assertive with the seller about our purchasing conditions. We got exactly what we wanted, and Kathie ensured the transaction went smoothly despite the fact that we had to travel in the middle of escrow. Kathie is knowledgeable and competent, and I would absolutely recommend her for a home purchase.

Charleen Yost - Buyer

Kathie was phenomenal in my whole home buying process. She's definitely to the point and all about getting the job done. She is good about communicating and keeping you posted and up to date on the sales process.  This was my first time buying a home , and she definitely made the whole process easier than I have heard most people talk about.  I would definitly recommend her for anyone that is trying to purchase a home, as she means business and tries to get the job done as smoothly as possible. She will even try to get you a couple of seller concessions, which she did for me.

Xavier Kerr- USN- Buyer

When we decided to sell our home I called Kathie and we had a lot of discussion, and she advised us wisely and prepared us to face the intricacies of selling our home. It was a rude awakening. So many little details not thought of, so much paperwork, so many inspections, pros and cons how to prepare for an "Open House".  It would have been a nightmare for us to do it alone. Kathie very calmly guided us through the process.  We trusted her completely and her judgment in market trends, pricing, expectations, and buyer psychology helped us determine our own strategies. She has a talent and all the things necessary tha makes a good, solid and smart Real Estate Agent. We definitely will call her for our next real estate transaction.

P. and K. Specht - Seller

Kathie did an excellent job guiding us through the process of purchasing our first home. She was honest, candid, informative, enthusiastic, and a pleasure to work with. Kathie's knowledge of and objective advice on choosing the right property, negotiating the contract, and all of the intricacies of the purchasing process made the daunting task of buying a home an enjoyable and effortless process. In the end, with Kathie's assistance and excellent service, we found a beautiful home in a great neighborhood that will bring us many wonderful memories for years to come. Thanks Kathie!!

V. and M. Serra - Buyer